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A book that never takes itself too seriosly, Run Hike Bike Prague! is a fun-to-read guide that parses out the best of running, hiking and biking in Prague. Take this guide along so you can get right to enjoying the city, its surrounding natural areas and amazing pubs and beer gardens.

Included in the book are 30 routes that range from touristy must-dos in the heart of the city to hidden trails and odd villages on the outskirts of town. To ensure you don't get lost while exploring, each chapter has a link to a downloadable route you can follow via GPS device or smartphone. Each route has a description of area you will be touring, information on the best places to eat and drink and nearby sites to see.

In addition, there are tips on where to get you running and biking gear, local races, running clubs, etiquette, running with a dog, biking laws, public transit and much more.

"The proximity of many natural areas makes Prague one of the best cities for outdoor activities" Filippo Mari, founder of BIKO Adventures Prague

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